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ELFORSK Market Design ELFORSK Market Design The Market Design research programme was established in the year 2000 to improve understanding of how the liberalized Nordic electricity markets work and to facilitate knowledge exchange between industry, researchers and the authorities. It is Markets Designs ambition to support the development of the market instruments and the regulatory frameworks necessary to ensure that electricity is delivered reliably and at least cost. In our work, we focus not only on Sweden and the rest of the Nordic countries but also on international experience and debates.
Market Design runs in three-year periods. At the start of each period, Market Design's board decides on the research themes that will be prioritized during the forthcoming period. After a Call for Projects, the Board decides which projects to fund and sets out the research agenda.
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Nordic Five Tech Nordic Five Tech Nordic Five Tech (N5T) is an exclusive, strategic alliance of the five leading technical universities in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The goal of the alliance is to utilize shared and complementary strengths and create synergy within education, research and innovation.
N5T was established in November 2006 based on Nordic values and a common mission to serve the society through technological and scientific development and the education of high class engineers.
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Important Dates

15 September 2012
Call for Papers

15 November 2012
30 November 2012
Abstract Submission

01 December 2012
15 December 2012
Abstract Notification

01 February 2013
15 February 2013
Full Paper Submission

15 March 2013
29 March 2013
Final Notification

18 April 2013
Early Registration Deadline

22 April 2013
Camera-ready Version Submission

10 May 2013
Conference Registration Deadline

27 - 31 May 2013

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